Are you a devoted DJ or music producer, deeply passionate about your craft but finding sleep a challenge? We recognise the hurdles you encounter in balancing a healthy sleep routine with the demands of your profession. That’s why we’ve designed a comprehensive 7-week programme exclusively designed to assist DJs, and really anyone in the music industry, in cultivating improved sleep habits while enhancing your performance.

We’ve teamed up with Resurrected Youth Radio Station to launch a groundbreaking initiative, the first-ever programme in the DJ and music space!

Don’t miss out on this groundbreaking opportunity – step into our DJ Performance Programme and embark on a transformative journey. Guided by the expertise of industry leader Barry Bridges and powered by pioneering research, this programme is tailored to unveil your DJing potential by elevating your sleep quality. Here’s a glimpse of what awaits in this groundbreaking initiative:

Week 1: Uncover Your Sleep Chronotype

Understand how your unique sleep chronotype influences your energy levels and performance. Align your schedule with your natural rhythms for peak productivity.

Week 2: Master Circadian Rhythms

Explore how circadian rhythms impact your sleep. Sync your body clock with your DJ lifestyle for rejuvenating rest, even during unconventional hours.

Week 3: Elevate Cognitive Fitness

Sharpen focus and creativity through a tailored cognitive fitness plan, unlocking your full DJing potential by optimising mental functions.

Week 4: Fuel for Recovery

Discover nutrition’s role in promoting quality sleep and accelerated recovery. Learn to nourish your body for enhanced performance and energy.

Week 5: Movement for Balance

Engage in DJ-specific exercises to regulate sleep patterns, reduce stress, and enhance circulation for a healthier sleep-wake cycle.

Week 6: Sleep Performance Plan

Immerse in a comprehensive programme tackling common DJ sleep challenges. From relaxation techniques to sleep hygiene, you will learn strategies to ensure restful nights.

Week 7: Expert Master Class Recap

Join Barry Bridges for an insightful recap, delving deeper into key takeaways, supplemented with bonus tips and tricks.

Each week, you will receive concise, 8 to 10-minute audio recordings accompanied by comprehensive PDFs reinforcing your learning. The 20-minute Master Class Recap provides a programme summary and additional insights.

Sign up now to transform your sleep routine and unlock your DJ potential. Don’t let sleep hinder your career.

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