Success Stories

The Successful Sleeper Program is tried and tested by top international athletes who were able to improve their performance not only in their respective disciplines, but also were also able to transform their personal lives with the new knowledge and tools that they have gained. When you join our program you can be sure that insomnia and sleepless nights will no longer be a limiting factor to reaching your full potential and to attaining your life goals.

Your progress is tracked and you will therefore be able to stick to a working plan or make some adjustments when deemed necessary. Coach Barry will guide and assist you throughout the program to ensure that you understand the fundamental concepts that will lay the foundation for your success. Here are some detailed case studies that will give you some insight into the process and procedures of the program and also the way in which our clients derived value in engaging with us.


Amanda Lino

Amanda Lino is a two times EFC champion MMA fighter who hails from Durban in South Africa. In advancing her professional fighting career, she made the decision to relocate overseas. She now resides in Europe and competes under the ARES fighting organization which is an Afro-European MMA league.

Since moving overseas, Amanda started facing some challenges with her sleep routine which was most evident through regular fatigue cycles during the day. A big concern for her was of course the impact this had on her work, training and the limiting factors on her potential for improvement.

Amanda eventually reached out to coach Barry and they quickly started working together on a personalized sleep recovery plan.

Barry covered the core sleep science and recovery principles with Amanda and then went through multiple assessments that gave him a solid understanding of her sleep patterns and  lifestyle habits. With this information coach Barry worked hand in hand with Amanda to formulate a sleep recovery plan that suited her busy schedule and unique lifestyle. The next step was to have regular check-ins and follow-up coach calls, along with tracking her progress through a sleep diary.

In a short space of time, Amanda saw positive results and realized the benefits of the program. She now has a well-planned sleep schedule and no longer suffers from any sleep related issues. Since becoming a Successful Sleeper, her awake time has improved tremendously and she is now more alert during her skills training and also far less prone to injury. Amanda’s coach is also confident that she is well on her way to her next title victory.


Maureen Shea

Maureen Shea is one of the top professional female boxers in the world. Originally from New York, but now living in California, in the USA. She is also highly recognized and known as “Million Dollar Baby” for her role in the movie of the same title. Outside of the ring, she also has a very busy and successful schedule as a motivational/inspirational speaker, boxing commentator, journalist and tv/radio personality.

Having been introduced to the idea of sleep recovery coaching by her strength and conditioning coach, Phil Daru, Maureen was very enthusiastic about the program and got in touch with coach Barry shortly thereafter.

As a diligent athlete who understands exactly what it takes to perform at peak levels, Maureen did not necessarily suffer from serious sleep issues but was more interested in improving her recovery and as well as any other performance benefits.

After the assessment and coaching sessions Maureen had all the necessary tools to follow along and track her recovery and performance gains. After investing more time in improving her sleep schedule and making great progress, they are now working together to improve her ability to cope and overcome jet lag and to manage her sleep better while being away from home. Coach Barry and the Successful Sleeper program has received great praise from Maureen thus far.

As a result of becoming a Successful Sleeper, her skill and level of confidence in training reached new heights and she has now also started training in new techniques with her boxing coach. She also made noteworthy improvements in her weightlifting training with Phil. Beyond her athletic career, Maureen’s other day-to-day activities have become more manageable and less stressful. She attributes this change in great part, to the sleep and recovery coaching sessions and all the knowledge gained in the program.


Gorjan Slaveski

Gorjan Slaveski recently won the UBF European Boxing Championship title. His trainer Derik Santos believes that the sky is the limit for Slaveski. Originally from Macedonia, Gorjan relocated to South Florida in the United States where is now working closely with a team of professional coaches, including Phil Daru, who introduced him to the Successful Sleeper program.

Sleep and recovery have been an ongoing issue for Gorjan for a while until he reached out to coach Barry in 2020. He had difficulty maintaining a regular sleep routine, which led to bouts of fatigue during the day accompanied by night time restlessness and insomnia, which affected his work and training schedule quite substantially.

In an attempt to alleviate these issues, Gorjan started using melatonin supplements to help him fall asleep, with the goal of improving his sleep recovery.

Gorjan understood that the supplements might have negative side effects, so he was keen to get started on the program with Barry. After covering the foundation of sleep and recovery principles they started working on a plan that would complement his physical training schedule. In just a few months Gorjan has seen many improvements in his overall sleep quality and quit taking the melatonin supplements. 

For Gorjan, the key to becoming a successful sleeper was to manage his awake time better by getting enough exposure to sunlight which provided him with all the melatonin he needed. Sticking to a well planned meal schedule and following good sleep hygiene patterns before bedtime has also worked wonders in maximizing the benefits of his new sleep and recovery routine.


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