Imagine a world where restful sleep fuels your creativity, sharpens your focus, and elevates your performance on stage. Through personalized coaching and tailored techniques, the Sleep Performance Program empower DJ’s, music producers, and performing artists to harness the power of quality sleep, enabling them to excel in their craft like never before.

The SLEEP Performance PrograMme

Feeling tired? Don’t get enough sleep? Suffering from performance anxiety? No matter what you do on a daily basis, we all know that a good night’s sleep is key. But if have to perform in front of a crowd every night, or work until the early hours of the morning, it might not always be possible.

The environment that DJs, music producers and performing artists has to work in is very demanding, and can lead to sleep deprivation, insomnia and performance anxiety, which will lead to you not being at your best.

The Sleep Performance Programme is designed to help you become the best in your field, by using sleep as the ultimate performance tool. This way, you will thrive on producing your best music and perform in front of thousands without feeling fatigued.


Key Performance Areas

Cognitive Functioning

Sleep Recovery

Sleep Hygiene

Working With Elite Music And DJ Producers from Around The Globe

I have found that most of the people in the music industry suffer from lack of sleep quality, lack of mental and recovery strategies during the day, has up and down quality food intake and struggle to switch their brain off at night. These are the people I have worked with from around the world, starting by understanding the work schedule of each DJ, producer and performing artist, and taking them through various sleep and recovery assessment tools. I give one-on-one coaching and provide a sleep performance program as well as various cognitive and warm-up plans for performing on stage.

The Sleep Performance Programme recovery assessments include tools like assessing your sleep chronotype combined with an online chronotype test. Here, we match your energy needs for the day with your unique schedule, so that you do the right performance tasks during the day and evening. I also do a sleep science assessment where I look at any sleep hygiene issues, insomnia or sleep deprivation problem

Every DJ, music producer and/or performing artist that I work with is given an individual sleep performance based on their chronotype and performance needs. In addition to this, I have also provided programs around cognitive fitness, where we look at how we can keep the brain fit to cope with the demands in the music industry. I have also provided a warm-up strategy combined with basic brain fitness and dynamic movement exercises to help prepare them before going on stage for a performance.

Some Key Benefits of getting Proper Sleep

Better productivity and concentration
Stronger immune system
Lower risk of heart disease
Improved physical performance
Reduces risk of weight gain
Better mood regulation

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How Will The Program Benefit You?

With the Sleep Performance Program, you will lean more about your sleeping habits and how to match it with your demanding work schedule. You will learn about the types of food that will help you get more sleep, brain exercises to decrease performance anxiety, and track your sleeping habits by making use of a sleep diary. The program will improve your personal sleeping habits, increase your deep sleep quality and improve brain fitness, and therefore decreasing stress levels which will help you cope with your demanding schedule.

Get your FREE Cognitive Fitness Plan

Get a free copy of our Cognitive Fitness and Warm up plan for DJ’s and Musicians  that contains the following benefits:

  • Improve your cognitive focus and well-being
  • Understand ways to cope with stress loads
  • Nutrition strategies before you perform live
  • Movement exercises before you perform live

Sleep Performance Package

For DJs, Musicians & Performing Artists
  • Online Sleep Science Assessments
  • Sleep Recovery Education Document
  • Remote Sleep Coaching Calls - 2 x 40mins
  • Sleep Performance Programme
  • Sleep Diary
  • Cognitive Fitness/Warmup Strategies before live events/gigs
  • Travel/Jet lag management Program for overseas travel
  • 4 Weeks of Support/Follow-ups
  • Recovery Nutrition Guide
  • Stress Strategies around Workflow

3 or 6 months retainer options available upon request

About Barry

Barry graduated from the University of the Western Cape with a Bachelors Degree in Sports and Exercise Science, majoring in psychology. He then furthered his academic career to specialize in sports performance and sleep science studies after completing numerous internationally recognized certifications from institutions such as the National Academy of Sports Medicine, Fit2SuceedThe Spencer Institute, Keilir Health Academy and EXOS. These certifications include Sleep Science, Sleep Recovery Specialist, Sports Performance, Golf Fitness, Cognitive Fitness and Functional Movement Screening.

Barry is based in Cape Town, South Africa and has more than 14 years experience. Some of his career highlights include: Corporate Wellness and Sleep Specialist; Sleep Recovery Coach for dep slepwear based in the USA; Esports wellness coach for the National South African Esports Federation (MSSA); Strength and conditioning coach for juniors / u19 teams at Ajax Football Club; Golf fitness specialist for 3years at Pure Motion Golf Academy; Sleep Consultant to elite combat athletes worldwide including UFC, EFC, ARES and world champion boxers as well as several notable figures in the DJ/entertainment industry.


Sport Scientist & Sleep Recovery Specialist


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