A Sleep Performance Program for DJs, Music Producers and Performing Artists

With the lifestyle of a DJ and performing artist, it’s easy to understand that getting the right amount of sleep can be an obstacle on its own. And with the mental health issues that is circulating around the music industry, it makes sense that sleep deprivation would be the main causal factors of this.

The reason? When the brain doesn’t get enough rest, it puts pressure on the body to perform the next day, which can have a negative impact with music production work in the studio.  Most artists spend the majority of their careers under artificial light, be it in a studio or performing at a live event, which is not ideal for sleep needs at night. The brain needs a certain amount of blue light exposure in the morning and midday in order to get the brain ready for the day, as well as energy for the body  to carry over mental and physical tasks for the rest of the day.

What is the Sleep Performance Program?

It’s a unique program that is tailored for the sleep and recovery needs aimed at DJs and music producers. The program covers sleep science application tools that are based on the lifestyle of a performing artist working in the music industry. During the program, you will learn more about your own personal sleep chronotype, and how to create proper regular sleep patterns around your schedules. We will also dive into when the best time is to eat certain food, as well as when will be the best time to produce music and exercise by using your personal sleep chronotype.

In addition to this, we will go into cognitive fitness tools, which will help your brain stay fit and healthy – think of it as a blend of neuroscience and fitness together – and other support strategies such as warm-up drills, where we look at movement exercise for the brain and body before you step on stage, to ease the anxiety and be prepared to perform.

The last thing we will look at is assistance with travel management, by providing the DJ and performing artist that travels guidance on foods to eat on the plane (and what to avoid), and a sleep schedule before flying and returning home, which will help prevent jet lag.

What are the Benefits of the Sleep Performance Program?

In conclusion, let’s summarise the benefits and how the sleep performance program can help you:

  • You will learn more about your sleep chronotype and how to match that with your work schedule.
  • It will improve your personal sleep hygiene habits.
  • You will learn about foods that will help you get more sleep and aid more recovery during the day.
  • You will learn movement and brain exercises to help decrease performance anxiety when stepping on stage.
  • You will learn how to use a sleep diary to track your sleeping habits.
  • It will increase your deep sleep quality.
  • It will improve brain fitness, which helps decrease stress levels and will therefore help you cope with your demanding schedule.

If you’re a DJ, music producer or performing artist, email Barry Bridges, founder of successfulsleeper.com, at barry@successfulsleeper.com for a free sleep performance program.

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