Holiday Sleeping Tips

Holiday season can be wonderful, joyous and full of fun! It can also put regular routines in jeopardy as we enjoy more time with friends and family, among all the other eventful occasions. Maintaining your sleep routine will not only help you sleep well but also allow you to fully function and fully enjoy your festivities.

  1. Maintain Your Sleep Routine

From attending holiday parties to buying everything on your long list of Christmas gifts, you might never seem to find enough hours to sleep. Your mind is busy and you lay your head down at night and you don’t feel well rested when you awake in the mornings. It’s important to not stray too far from your normal sleep schedule as it may be to enjoy one more drink with friends than you normally would. The occasional late night won’t be too much of a problem, but try to go to bed at the same time five nights of the week, and wake up consistently.

  1. Take Advantage of an Afternoon Nap

With being off work and having more time on your hands, it’s a good idea to have a short afternoon nap. A short nap in the middle of the afternoon can give you a boost of energy without disrupting your ability to sleep soundly at night. Ensure it’s not too long as you need to maintain your regular sleep-wake cycle, and be ready to sleep by the evening. Otherwise, you may slowly shift your sleep cycle later and later, and struggle to fall asleep at night.

  1. Avoid Large Dinners Before Bed

Try to avoid eating large meals right before bed. Eat your biggest meal at noon, and keep dinner light. Don’t eat within two hours of sleeping, since going to bed with a stomach full of heavy food will keep you awake at night as your body works hard to digest all that food. With a full stomach you’re more likely to wake up throughout the night, or lay awake tossing and turning. Eat light foods for dinner, and avoid red meat.

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